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Automotive interior

In most cases where real wood can be seen in the form of fine veneers in car interiors the substrate is of laminated wood. For two reasons. On the one hand there is an important marketing aspect with regard to the used-car regulation that requires type-specific materials disposal. On the other hand there is the requirement that at any given temperature rise the substrate should exhibit nearly the same expansion as the natural veneer so that the veneer will not come off the substrate.
It is in this respect that a problem solution using ARBOFORM® offers substantial technical advantages.

The use of injection moulding as a very straight-forward method eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly machining of laminated wood shapes. The identical coefficient of thermal expansion of ARBOFORM® and the natural wood makes ARBOFORM® an ideal substrate for veneering wood. Which means that even with temperature variations between -30°C and +90°C there is no risk of delamination.
Given its pleasing natural mottled surface together with its warm wood feel ARBOFORM® lends itself for use in visible areas in the automobile.