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We thank the supporters of TECNARO

Professor Dr. Warnecke, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

The idea of starting a separate business was first prompted by a paper by Professor Warnecke in 1997 where he outlined the possibility of hiving a business in a soft manner off the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

Professor Dr. Peter Eyerer, Head of the Fraunhofer ICT institute and of the Stuttgart IKP institute for plastics sciences and plastics testing

It was the constant support by the Fraunhofer chemical technology institute, and especially by Professor Peter Eyerer and Dr. Norbert Eisenreich, that made it possible for TECNARO GmbH to be set up so speedily from FhG.

Dr. Norbert Eisenreich, Fraunhofer ICT Pfinztal

It was as early as 1986 that Dr. Norbert Eisenreich contributed considerably to the inception of a holistic approach to using the wood that was the raw material in the pulp process. The Aquasolv digestion process was developed as a result, which is very promising today. It is under his control that the subject of biorenewable resources was installed at the ICT in 1996 and has since been developed into a core business segment.

FhG Venture und Mackewicz & Partner

Professional support in the fundamentals of setting up in business and drawing up a business plan.

Professor Dr. Norbert Pfitzer, Director of ERNST & YOUNG and mentor of TECNARO GmbH

From the very conception of the idea for this business he has been the dependable source of advice and ideas for TECNARO GmbH.

Federal Ministry for Industry and Technology in conjunction with Technologie-Beteiligungsgesellschaft tbg technology venture capital company

In May 2000, within the framework of the BMBF BEO-sponsored FUTOUR project, TECNARO GmbH moved its registered office to a location in the new German states. Actually, it was only within FUTOUR that it became possible to make this cost-intensive plan a reality.

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thueringen mbH - LEG regional development organisation
GIS - Gruender und Innovationszentrum Stedtfeld business start-up and innovation centre

TECNARO quickly settled in at its new location, the technology centre of Eisnach, thanks to competent counselling and active integration of TECNARO GmbH into various Thuringian industrial and research networks.