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Our services:

Not only we deliver ARBOFORM® Granulate, also we can offer you the following services:

Kugelschreiber aus ARBOFORM

Ball-point pens made from ARBOFORM® as a Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, product example. This very pleasing design is the work of renowned designer Patrik Streff.

We shall be pleased to counsel you with respect to product range, processing methods, product and mould design, together with any other information you may require concerning ARBOFORM® as a production material.

Working together with you, we already start developing the right ARBOFORM® formulation and the product and mould designs as we generate new products with you.

Material and mould costs and, hence, product costs can be minimised in this way.

It is our objective to translate your ideas speedily into your new volume production ARBOFORM® range.