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Furniture industry

In design-oriented products where plastics are not used because of inferior material value, even though their forming ease would let them seem superior to wood, there are applications for ARBOFORM® . Items such as futuristic furniture styles using highly accurate inlay work, for instance, could be made economically in mass production using ARBOFORM®

Most fasteners used in furniture making are of wood or metal, as plastic materials are ductile and not suitable for use as pins or dowels under permanent load. An ARBOFORM® dowel, however, will either withstand a given maximum load, or it will break, so it just needs to be sized larger to suit the purpose. The important thing being the fact that the material will not flow away under load.

Moreover, unlike metals, ARBOFORM® components or fasteners can be machined easily without the need to take into account different types of material. This is very helpful in avoiding assembly problems. Also, unlike plastics, chipboard or laminated wood, waste from machining ARBOFORM® can be incinerated safely just like natural wood.