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Series-prouced ARBOFORM® goods

The first quantity-produced ARBOFORM® product has been on the market since November 2000. Developed by Fraunhofer ICT Pfinztal, it is a wrist-watch casing called "Wood Watch", which is manufactured by Lacher Uhrenfabrik GmbH of Pforzheim. This product was created by the French designer Patrick Streff.

From the idea to stereo-lithographic prototypes and tooling and to the injection mould and the quantity-produced product.

The Quality of this material is shown in an optimum way by the many and varied requirements this ARBOFORM® watch casing has to meet. The casing is untreated and constantly in contact with the skin, so it needs to be safe in terms of dermatology. It has to remain dimensionally stable with a high degree of accuracy in varying climates, it must not dissolve in water and it has to withstand enormous mechanical load. One test, for instance, is to check if the casing withstands a load of 12.5 kg from the small spring pins inserted in drilled holes. Plastic materials are ductile and would flow away under this kind of load, the spring pin would cause a slot to be formed in the material and would come off as a result. On top of that, of course, the "Wood Watch" will only sell for its high-quality appearance.